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When it comes to well construction in the Northwoods, you can depend on our team at local, family-owned and operated Hanser Well & Pump LLC. With knowledge and experience going back to 1942, we provide complete residential well construction with an unmatched level of service. Contact us today for fast, knowledgeable and convenient service. Immediate response to all calls.

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Hanser Well & Pump LLC specializes in the installation and service of 2″ point driven wells. We use a small cable drilling rig that is set up with a hammer rather than a bit to drive the well point and casing. The rig is also used to test pump the well and develop it once installed.

Drive Point Screens

Rod-based, wire-wrapped sand control screens

Drive Point Screens for Sand-Free Water Wells
The large inlet area of the Drive Point rod-based, wedge-wire wrapped, all welded screen allows maximum flow of water from the well. Unlike conventional gauze type points made on pipe, the continuous slot offers more open area and provides higher flow rates with less drawdown. Lower pumping velocity along with easier well development provide less chance of clogging. 
Non-Clogging Slots
Wedge-shaped wire, wrapped spirally around preset vertical base rods, and specially welded at each point of contact, forms the non-clogging slots. These wire wraps are spaced with precision to provide uniform slot tolerance throughout the length of the screen. The “V” shaped openings between wraps are created by wedge-shaped wire. This greatly reduces flow friction and provides self-cleaning action. Small particles can easily pass through the continuous slot, while larger ones are held behind without constraining the inlet area.

We provide products from

Hanser Well & Pump LLC
Available Material Grades
  • Galvanized steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel 

The all-welded construction of the wrap wire is welded to the rods at each point of contact, which increases the strength of the screens. Heavy rod configurations help in distributing the driving forces consistently throughout the screen without giving up open area.

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SizeApprox. Screen IDApprox. Screen ODApprox. Open Area*(in2/ft)
*Based on .010” slot
Other sizes available on request
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